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Our back-to-school essentials include sharpened pencils, spiral notebooks and cyber smarts. From digital safety to social media etiquette, positive online behavior applies during the school year just as it does during the summer.

With kids carrying cell phones in their pockets and bringing laptops into the classroom, keeping devices safe at school is crucial. We found PC Magazine's article Protect Yourself From Cyber-Snoops, Stalkers, and Thieves at School applicable to both college students and grade schoolers. Losing a pencil and losing a cell phone at school are very different scenarios. Protecting digital devices is part of protecting your own identity. 

These great tips from the Family Online Safety Institute on how to Fill Your Child's Digital Backpack prepare your kids for a safe and positive school year experience. We love this resource for its age specific content, from pre-school to college. So while you're buying school supplies, consider incorporating some lessons on cyber smarts into the school year preparation. 


The grade school years

Power of Words 
by Common Sense Media
This animated video teaches kids the importance of being kind and how to handle mean words online. A great watch for those just onboarding to social media.

The Best Educational Apps for Kids
by Parents
Encourage your kids to use some of their screen time to learn new things. From read-along Disney books to ocean exploration with the Magic School Bus, these apps are fun and educational.


The teenage years

A Teenager's View on Social Media 
by Medium
This 19-year old's perspective on multiple social media apps from Facebook to Tumblr to Yik Yak offers an eye-opening view. Using this article as a starting point, chat with your high schooler about how they view social media.

 A 13-Year-Old's View on Social Media 
by Medium
In response to the 19-year old's article, a 13 year-old provides a different perspective on social media apps through the eyes of a middle schooler.

How High School Students Use Social Media in Their College Search
by Uversity
With the digital world, looking at colleges doesn't just stop at campus visits anymore. Understand how your kids are using social media to figure out if a school will be a good fit. 


The college years

LinkedIn Profile Checklist
In college, your kid's social media networks begin to include professional online communities as well, and LinkedIn is a primary one. This guide helps them understand the basics of what goes into creating a LinkedIn profile.

A College Student's Perspective on Tinder
by Family Online Safety Institute
Dating apps are becoming more popular, and Tinder is a hot one among college students. Read this article to understand the app and how to talk to your kids about online safety.


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