Communicating with Kids: Don't Give Up. You've Got This.



The importance of establishing an honest and trusting relationship with our kids cannot be understated. Having the DijiWise app on hand and being able to monitor our kids’ social media activity helps us stay tuned in, but it is essential to talk with them about what is going on. Since kids begin to ask more questions as they get older, and at a certain point, may even keep some information private from you, initiating open conversations with them help build understanding.

PBS’ Talking with Kids section is a useful resource that covers many different age groups and topics. It’s important to build a strong line of communication early on, but it is never too late. And of course we must realize that our approach will most likely change throughout the years. The teenage years may be notoriously difficult and are well-documented in articles including How to Ruin Your Relationship with Your Teenager and Raising Teenagers: The Mother of All Problems, but they are not impossible. We’ve learned throughout the years that even without fool-proof parenting manuals, being a parent can be one of the most rewarding roles we take on especially when we create meaningful relationships with our kids.

While our focus at DijiWise is digital safety, as parents, we know our kids will come to us and need us for almost everything under the sun. Here are helpful resources to navigate talks ranging from alcohol to money management:

How to Talk About Bullying from

Have the 'Booze Talk' By Age 9, Pediatricians' Group Advises from NBC News

Here's How to Talk to Your Kids About Money Management (Infographic) from Entrepreneur

Young Love: Talking to Your Tween About Dating and Romance from Family Circle


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