DijiWise Moment: A new kind of ‘stranger danger’ conversation

DijiWise brings awareness to parents about situations that don’t always come out in conversations with our kids.

Here is a DijiWise Moment shared by a parent:

“Through DijiWise, I discovered that my 14-year-old son was having conversations on Twitter with people that I was certain that he did not know ‘live.’ I saved a few of his tweets on the DijiWise app and brought it up in the car ride to practice. During that conversation, I discovered that not only was he communicating with several strangers on Twitter, he was also exchanging private texts on KIK with many of these people. I realized that the stranger danger talks we had when he was a kid playing on the playground needed to be redefined for his new playground, the Internet. Thanks, DijiWise, for that wake up call."

When we give our children access to the world in the palm of their hands, there is no doubt they are going to curiously explore. Help guide them by creating boundaries. If the boundaries are crossed, they need to have the same consequences for online behavior as they do offline. Setting up a family online safety contract is as great place to start. The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) encourages parents and kids to have an open discussion about what these rules mean and offers this contract to get families started on being safe online.  

Have a DijiWise moment that's provided a learning moment or enlightenment between you and your child through use of digital media?  Share it with us!


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