Halloween Safety Tips for a Wickedly Fun Night for Parents and Kids



The one week countdown to Halloween has begun as costume ideas are getting finalized and bags of candy bought. We’re excited to see all the ghosts and ghouls come out and play, but want to keep any real danger away. There'll be a lot of running around on Halloween night so it's important to talk about safety with your kids before they head out to trick or treat. They're so excited for the night but as parents, it'll be easier to enjoy Halloween when we have some peace of mind.

Here are some tips to help make Halloween both monstrously fun and safe:

Start early (and get first pick on candy!)

Indulge in your kids’ eagerness and kick off trick or treating when the sun is still out. This way, their pillowcases and plastic buckets will fill up before it gets too dark out.

Stay in well-lit areas

Advise your kids to stay on pedestrian friendly neighborhoods with street lamps. Once dusk sets in, it’ll be easier for them to see and not get lost.

Travel in groups

Parents often accompany young kids, but if your kids are ready to go off without you, encourage them to go with a group. It’s safer to travel in a pack, especially once the sun starts to set.

Use the buddy system

It can be easy to wander off while trick or treating. Have your kids choose a buddy so that they stick together on their quest for candy.

Set a check-in time

Whether it’s at a specific time or after they’re done trick or treating, plan a time for your kids to touch base with you. Set an alarm on their phone so that they get to enjoy the night but don’t lose track of time.