How to get your kids to talk: Teaching the art of conversation

This article is part of our DijiTalk Series, encouraging conversations between parents and their kids about everyday life and digital responsibility.


As children enter their pre-teen and teenage years, one of the most common complaints from parents is their children no longer want to talk to them. The chatty toddler has been replaced by this silent stranger. What can we do to stop the pattern before it starts?

Teach your child the art of conversation.

With the evolution of technology and digital forms of communicating, live face-to-face talks with one another just doesn’t happen as often. We find it easier to text someone versus calling. Verbal discussions have been replaced by chat sessions. Words have been replaced by acronyms and emojis. The way we communicate has vastly changed.

To master the art of conversation, we simply have to practice. Just like preparing for a dance recital, the big soccer game or studying for a test, practicing conversation hones a valuable skill that not only keeps the two of you in tune with each other’s daily lives, but sets them up to succeed life-long.

Here are some tips for having great conversations with your kids:

  1. Set the stage - Whether it’s at the dinner table, on the ride to school, or during a walk in the park, it’s easier to have a conversation in a location that is free of distractions.

  2. Be ready to listen - When talking with your kids, stop and hear what they have to say. Being an active listener is just as important as talking.

  3. Be considerate - No one likes being interrupted. Modeling that for your child builds confidence and shows them you care about their thoughts and opinions.

  4. Don't preach - If the conversation turns into a “don’t do this, don’t do that” session, your chances of hold their attention are slim.

  5. Ask open-ended questions - Empower them to think about and express their own thoughts.

To help parents get the conversation started with their kids, we’re excited to announce the launch of #DijiTalk. Look for new conversation starters each week on our social media profiles. We’ll provide prompts for chats you can have about technology, social netiquette, online behavior, current events, family life and more.

It's #DijiTalkTuesday! Here's this week's question to help you & your kids stay connected to each other and start a fun...

Posted by DijiWise on Tuesday, October 4, 2016