Is Your Family Addicted to Technology?



Take our quiz to see if your family needs a technology detox!

Do you or anyone in your family...

  1. sleep with a smartphone or tablet under the pillow or on the nightstand?

  2. have a smartphone on the table as part of the place setting while eating?

  3. use a smartphone/tablet during “family time”?

  4. take a smartphone/tablet to the bathroom?

  5. choose to spend time online over time with each other?

  6. know more about what is going on with your Facebook friends than your own family members?

  7. have a meltdown when the power goes out and there is no internet connection?

  8. feel “naked” when you don’t have your phone with you?

If you answered YES to more than half of these questions, you or your family may have an addiction to technology. Savvy Cyber Kids founder Ben Halpert recently spoke at a TedXconference in St. Thomas and shared his perspective on what you can do to combat technology addiction in your family.

According to Mr. Halpert, “Right now, you can choose to create healthy technology habits for you and your family”. He delivers several points to help families heading towards technology crises.

  1. You can choose to moderate your child’s screen time exposure and create adventures beyond the screen so their brains and bodies can develop to their full potential.

  2. You can choose to start the technology conversation with your family and never stop talking about it.

  3. You can choose to start to assess your child’s technology habits. Can you help your child step away or do you need a professional?

  4. You can choose to tell your child why they will never bring technology to bed with them. When children bring their devices to bed they don’t get the required sleep they need.

  5. You can choose to never bring your device out at a family meal.

You can choose to be present for your kids by modeling proper technology behavior. When you choose to be present for your kids, they will be present for you.