Scary Parenting Moments: Turn Them into Accomplishments



We came across a hilarious Halloween sign this week that said “You can’t scare me, I have teenagers,” and reflected on how this tongue-in-cheek quote held some truth. From your baby’s first step to your teenager’s first drive, there are many moments that stand out for a parent. Along the way, there will be unexpected first scares as well especially by the time the teenage years roll in. Preparing for some of those situations, like the first time your kids stay home alone or have to go into surgery, can turn a potential scare into a momentous accomplishment to celebrate.   

Leaving them home alone

Once your kids are ready to stay home alone, set up some guidelines and make sure they have emergency contact numbers. Try running some small errands at first to make sure they’re comfortable the first few times.

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Going on their first date

Your teen’s first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, for both you and your kid! Have honest conversations with them about when they can date and your different expectations. Before they leave the house, agree on the guidelines and a curfew time for peace-of-mind.

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Take the driving test

Seeing your teen behind the wheel for the first time can be momentous. Prepare them beforehand and lead by example. Explain traffic signals and rules to them when you are driving and when you switch off, stay calm when you’re in the passenger seat.

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Cooking in the kitchen

Teaching your kids how to cook and making a meal together can be a great bonding experience! Share safety tips with them first like how to handle knives and turn on stoves, and then pick a fun recipe to make together.

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Getting surgery

Going under for surgery can be a scary thing for anyone, but if your kids are especially afraid, help prepare them for the big day. Let them know what to expect from the surgery and make up a fun game to play at the hospital.

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