Summer Adventures in Tech



With school out for the summer, it's a great time for kids to explore their interests in technology. Being unplugged is invaluable, but so is finding the benefits of technology. We love this article from the Family Online Safety Institute about How to Incorporate Tech into Summer Fun. Using technology to enhance learning and creativity helps kids engage with the digital world thoughtfully instead of mindlessly.

A digital playground for learning
If your kids love video games like Minecraft, show them that they can create games like the ones they love. Tech Rocket provides kids with fun online courses that dive into code, game design, and graphic design. It's an awesome site that allows kids to explore their interests in technology.

We also love Common Sense Media's section Learning with Technology, a useful resource for discovering educational apps and asking questions about kids and tech. From simulations of historical events to games about empathy, there's a lot to explore with technology!

Balance is key
The digital world can be a positive and immersive playground but good screen time habits are important. A balance of offline and online time is key, and these helpful articles give advice on how to establish screen time guidelines:

Setting Limits on Screen Time
by Parenting

How to Tell Relatives, Teachers, Babysitters, and Even Your Spouse Your Screen Time Rules
by Common Sense Media


With the last month of summer quickly approaching, we hope to make it a stellar one with and without tech. Stay DijiWise!


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