DijiWise was created by families, for families. It was inspired by a parent's real-life experience monitoring their children's social media. As parents, we recognized the need for a solution that saves time, makes staying on top of kids' social media usage easier, and prompts conversations between parents and children.

The result is Dijiwise, a simple app that connects parents to their children in real-time by providing a feed of the moments they share across multiple social networks.


We realize parents are not alone when it comes to parenting kids who use technology and social media on a regular basis. DijiWise is a women-led company committed to encouraging conversation and awareness about digital responsibility, and providing parents with a quick, easy and affordable way to have a view of their child's social media activity. 

Why DijiWise? With DijiWise, parents can keep a pulse on what their pre-teen or teenager is doing on social media, interpret actions (or inactions), help their children understand the ramifications of a seemingly innocent picture or inadvertent like, and celebrate digital responsibility. 

Subscribers receive real-time updates of their children’s account activity. 
These updates help parents be a part of what’s happening in their child’s everyday life -- and in their digital world. With DijiWise, parents see their children's peer group, as well as a view of their child’s virtual, extended peer group. DijiWise also enables parents to inform others parents who are less active online about "what the kids are up to," and encourage them to be connected to their children's digital activity.

DijiWise provides resources that make it easier for parents to help their children responsibly navigate the digital world. Users of the DijiWise app get access to information about current tech and digital trends, digital parenting, and conversation starters to encourage parents and teens to have healthy, meaningful conversations together. 

When you use DijiWise, communities and kids benefit offline. Through our community program DijiCares, we strive to create brighter futures for children by empowering them to realize and fulfill their unlimited potential. DijiCares supports athletics, programs, schools and causes that provide children with the guidance and tools to fully embrace the world with self-confidence and vigor.